Service Virtualisation

We'll discussed about Service Virtualisation in more details, In real world development, we need different, different system, at the time of development and testing it's very hard to have all system in place and running all the time.

Service Virtualisation

Let discussed about above picture: We have client, application server and then we are connecting to 3rd party system (Main fraim, Payment, and any other app deployed in cloud.

What happen if Main Fram app got failure/no more access for development/testing work?

So simple just we need to build the Service Virtualisation app and need to configure with proxy.
Once actual will not work it will be going to point to SV app. Same has been explained in above image. We have proxy with red and green button one for actual connectivity and another for VS connectivity.

Service Virtualisation save hardware cost, reduce downtime, increased productivity with very less unavailability of 3rd party system and many more for more details : Click me

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