Fake Call or Who called?

Nowadays, several fake calls are happening around the globe, most of time they are calling for nonsense activity. 
ØAsking the bank details saying you won the lottery
Ø Someone got accident from you family
Ø Long call duration will be cause for access of your mobile and it will stole your personal details along with other numbers
Ø  At same time, they will call to your near and dear, how you save your number. For example, Dad number, Mom-home and so on
Ø  While calling to your near and dear, they will told you are in risk and need money for your treatment
Ø  And finally you have to transfer the money immediately in so and so on bank or by online.
So be careful of such calls.

You can share such numbers in below comments stated story about happening:
Today I got from PHONE NUMBER: 01212004159

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