AWS: region name: us-east-1b or ap-south-1 likely not supported, or AWS is down

Ansible and Dynamic Amazon EC2 Inventory Management


[root@ip-]# /etc/ansible/
region name: us-east-1b likely not supported, or AWS is down.  connection to region failed.


[root@ip-]# /etc/ansible/
region name: ap-south-1 likely not supported, or AWS is down.  connection to region failed.


Default value of 
regions = all
regions_exclude = us-gov-west-1,cn-north-1,ap-south-1,us-east-1b

One of regions not working which is us-east-1b so just add this in regions_exclude.

regions = all
regions_exclude = us-gov-west-1,cn-north-1,us-east-1b,ap-south-1


regions = add-your-zone.

Run now.

[root@ip-host-name opt]# /etc/ansible/
  "_meta": {
    "hostvars": {
      "IP": {
        "ansible_ssh_host": "IP",
        "ec2__in_monitoring_element": false,
        "ec2_ami_launch_index": "0",
        "ec2_architecture": "x86_64",
        "ec2_block_devices": {
          "sda1": "vol-84"

Happy learning and implementation!!!


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