JAX-WS Stand Alone Web Services Using JDK1.6 Wsimport Utility Client

In this tutorial we will learn, how to create JAX-WS client by wsimport utility:

1. Java 1.6+
2. Eclipse
3. Windows OS or any.
4. You have already followed my first example for writing the service calss and all from click or video MathService using wsgen utility


Open the eclipse
Create the new project as java project.
File > New > Java Project.

Enter the project name: Stand-Alone-Web-Services-Using-JDK1.6-WsImport-Utility-JAXWS-Client
Java project will created in with src and JRE System Library
Note: assuming you have publish the earlier project Math Service and you will able to access the wisdl by any browser, URL > http://localhost:8888/webservice/www.tutorialbyexample.com?wsdl 
and getting the wsdl as response.

if not then follow the previous project first, Click me

Now open the command prompt.
Change the dir: cd C:\workspace\Stand-Alone-Web-Services-Using-JDK1.6-WsImport-Utility-JAXWS-Client 

and type the command:
C:\workspace\Stand-Alone-Web-Services-Using-JDK1.6-WsImport-Utility-JAXWS-Client>wsimport -s src -keep -d class http://localhost:8888/webservice/www.t

Press enter, now your client supporting code will generated, like wise below screen.

Write the client code:

Right click on the src under project Stand-Alone-Web-Services-Using-JDK1.6-WsImport-Utility-JAXWS-Client.

Click New > Class.
Enter the package name:com.tutorialbyexample.mathservice.client
Enter the Class name:MathServiceClient

MathServiceClient.java code will look like:

package com.tutorialbyexample.mathservice.client;

import com.tutorialbyexample.mathservice.MathService;
import com.tutorialbyexample.mathservice.MathServiceService;

public class MathServiceClient {

       public MathServiceClient() {
              // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

       public static void main(String[] args) {
              MathServiceService objMathServiceService = new MathServiceService();
              MathService objMathService = objMathServiceService.getMathServicePort();
              System.out.println(objMathService.add(10, 40));



Hole project directory and file will look like:

Run the MathServiceClient client.
Right click on the MathServiceClient > Run as > Java Application.

Output will appear on the console:

All done form my end, try at your end. Put your point of view if any.

Have a good day ahead!!

Video link: MathService using wsgen

You can watch this video from Click

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