Luck, Labour & Chance <> Juniors, Peers & Seniors in Industry

Just take an example of five person working in team at junior (Mr A and Mr B), peer (Mr P1 and Mr P2) and senior (Mr S) level.
Without going in depth, let’s discuss do and don’t, doesn’t matter where you are, at junior, peer and senior level.

Always help, whenever required
Clear and cut direction if any
Encouraging and honest

Information or knowledge sharing
Collaborating to get stuff done
Challenging each other for better

Regular status updates
Escalate risks & issues
Seeking clarity

Never-ever pass wrong information, which lead to future issues.
Don’t change your attitude, demanded by other, if you are right, else it will cause your self-respect. You are air, you can bypass .. any huddle
Never hurt to any one intensely, if happened, apology for it.

Never trust on it:
Luck: Mr S, quit organization due to better opportunity and Mr P1 or P2 or third person (outside of team) got that position.
Chance: By chance, need to implement same project for other reason and need senior for it and only options are Mr P1 or Mr P2.

Always with you:
Smart/Hard Work: if you are smart worker then you have n-number of Luck and Chance. All door will always open endlessly.

“Respect to allJ, including watchman or gatekeeper. They will save your life if you are about to die.”

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