Cross-Functional Team In Scrum

Cross Functional Scrum Team, As an individual have "T-shaped" skills. T-shaped, good in one skill but have knowledge of other required skills.
e.g. Web development team of 7 members.
1. Business Analyst BA
2. UI Designer
3. Coder
4. Tester
5. PL/SQL/ Database Administrator
6. Infra administrator
7. Subject Metter Expert

As a cross functional scrum team:
UI Designer expert in UI related work and also know about coding of PHP/JSP/ASP or any web technologies along with PL/SQL.
Coder expert in PHP/JSP/ASP or any web technologies and also know about UI Designing along with PL/SQL and testing.
Tester expert in testing with all expect and also know about requirement gathering along with PL/SQL and admin work.
BA expert in functional/non-function requirement gathering and also know about testing.
Infra admin expert in hardware/software configuration and also know about PL/SQL/DBA and Testing.
Whereas SME expert in web development end to end and have all required skills.

Normal day to day activity, all team member work with their primary activity but in case of any one absence and overload of other team member help it for achieving the common goals.
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