We will discussed about Conflict in more details:
Conflict due to Appreciation/Award:
Appreciation in team also cause of conflict. Example: In team, there are 10 member working together with different level of experiences and expertise's. If one or two member get appreciated with there good work done then other eight member will have conflict in there mind. How come they got appreciated and all. Why not I/we consider it?
Conflict due to Promotions:
In almost all organization, we have fiver called promotion on yearly basis. In team, if one or two person get promoted and rest of member won't then again hues conflict.
Conflict due to Management Decision:
Changing the organizational policy which are not in area of employ. It also create conflict. Employ will compare with other organization policy and most of time they will quit it.

Conflict due to Regional Feeling and Location:
Regional or Location or Language also create conflict, in team, ten members working together with group of known language then they will divide it, in team within team as common language.
Conflict due to Wrong Work Allocation:
Person working/having non-tech expertise's e.g Business Analyst BA, in team now he don't have work so he will allocated for testing lead work, what happen now, either he will update/learn and survive or quit.
Conflict due to Unbalanced Work Allocation:
Conflict due to ... .. .

What are your thoughts? Do you have other suggestions or personal stories?

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