Increasing of Failure Counts, will find way of Success?

Hello Friend’s, all we know the successes and failures of Hitler. Just want to share my past few days experience about multiple failures vs success. I was trying to implement the tool called Cobertura in my recent project. I started reading the books, and related information form internet. I did that proof of concept POC (POC cobertura-java-ant-eclipse-example.html), it works well as expected. Started working on real implementation and got stuck-up with small-small issue (Cobertura issues). In few days I came to know all failures way of implementing to Cobertura. 

Failure vs Success

Few of them are as follow:

  • Diff version of Cobertura
  • Diff version of Cobertura along with diff Java version
  •  Command version of Cobertura implementation
  • Ant script with Cobertura
  • Instrumenting with .class file
  • Instrumenting with jar file
  • Instrumenting the war/ear file
  • Instrumenting with diff location of class and instrumenting directory
  • Instrumenting with same directory of class and instrumenting directory
  • Understood the how Cobertura changing the byte code for doing the instrumentation at run time

Doing all above points, did not have success. What I did that for success, simply I did that additional few mixed steps and finally got success (I’ll tag in Cobertura label soon of success story). After that I realised that story of Hitler and “The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Share your real technical story if you have any.

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