Coding Standards

Why Coding Standards?
Does Coding Standards improved quality, performance and maintainability?

Coding Standards are not at all measurable, but while following the set of guidelines, which is described in respective programming language. In every programming language have their own style, formatting, structure and set of syntax which is interpreted by their interpreter.

Developers are always target about the input, output and programming standards as per guideline. If all three points covered then there is no point to lose the quality, readability and maintainability of Software.

Following are the few example of bad/good coding standards/style:

1.      Bad
            package com.tutorialbyexample;
            pblic class App{public static void main( String[] args )
            {System.out.println( "Hello Coding Standard!" );}}

2.      Good
/* Purpose of this java file is for Hello Coding  
            /* Author: Vinod Kumar                                    
            /* Date: 03-03-2015                                           
            /* ****************************************/
package com.tutorialbyexample;
            * This is the simple class, which have only
            * one main method. 
            public class HelloCoding
                    //Main method for printing info, with args parameter  
                    public static void main( String[] args )
                                  System.out.println( "Hello Coding Standard!!" );

I'll request before doing single line of code just read the below links or refer the your orgenization coding standard documents. Initially it will hard for you but in later time you will be use to so it will hardly tack time to do all those thengs. So many tools are there for doing the formating, style and all.

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