Common man money has been eaten by Indian politician & socialists

Just watching the news, and decided to write something about our Politicians & Socialists. From where I can start it's very difficult to identified but let's start. As common man, we are paying tax for almost all aspects in form of :
(1)   Income Tax:
(2)   Capital Gains Tax
(3)   Securities Transaction Tax
(4)   Perquisite Tax
(5)   Corporate Tax
 (6)   Sales Tax
(7)   Service Tax
(8)   Value Added Tax
(9)   Custom duty & Octroi (On Goods)
(10) Excise Duty
(11) Anti Dumping Duty
(12) Professional Tax
(13) Dividend distribution Tax
(14) Municipal Tax
(15) Entertainment Tax
(16) Stamp Duty, Registration Fees, Transfer Tax
(17) Education Cess , Surcharge
(18) Gift Tax
(19) Wealth Tax
(20) Toll Tax
Min 20 different type of taxes direct or indirect way, we are paying. What we are getting after paying all kind of taxes, nothing. 

Now discussed about respected people, how they are eating common man money:

Officially, individual politician will not getting salary more than 1,00,000 rs per month, but if you see there life style. Doing bath with minaral water, breakfast/lunch/dinner cost around min xx Cr per month.

At the time of joining the politics, they will declare it 5 Cr in there account but in year or two it will 100 Cr. Such a money * will not there for us. Now these day, they have started neat and clean polices. All tender are going to there relatives/known persons, with 70-30 ratio and so on..

How they are eating common man money, In election time expending Cr's of money in there advertisement, travel expend, charter plan, public collection expend and all.

People are using the z-security, charter plan. Is that really required? We can start any movement from home, if really people feel good they can join from there respective place. Our government, want like such movement for there advertisement by such socialist. 

Lastly, It may be different people have different prescription but for me in up coming 20-25 years. They will eat every thing including us.

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