Who will be responsible for water (rain or top tank or roof) flow into Lift in newly constructed society Builder or Owner?

Customer Alert:

Most of time customer or buyer trust on builder (as builder sales person demo on brochure and told past history about builder and in reality just opposite), you must see such thing personally and verify or ask agreement with builder if project not completed or do the external audit by third party, for proper construction and damage after handover.

Following are the details info about water leakage and damaging all lift electrical parts:

Water flow from top of lift:

Water flowing into lift and damaging electrical parts:

After all "Who will be responsible for water (rain or top tank or roof) flow into Lift in newly constructed society Builder or Owner"?

Following are the my opinion:

Is it Owner responsible for?

Owners are always innocent and earn hard money and collect at the end, they expend their entire money into a single apartment/flat (where they plan for happily stay). Before or at the time of purchase most of time builder sales person will do false demo or past experience as this builder is that and those and have 20+ years of experience in infrastructure / apartment development.

Once owner are tacking keys or entering into society and after that they face such issues, any clue how about their reaction. How long such builder will tail a lie with customer? 

Is it Builder responsible for?

Yes, builder are those who is planing, architecting, constructing building and delivering to customer.
Its entire architecture and construction faults, why?
1. If architecture were well design, while considering safety point of lift or other electrical part 
2. If development were done with skilled resource and deliver as per architecture
3. If monitoring where done at the time of development by skilled resource

Then customer and buyer never ever face such issues.

Now your turn to put your view, after all "Who will be responsible for Builder or Owner"?

Who will be responsible for mixing toilet water into Swimming Pool in newly constructed society Builder, Owner or Residence?

After all "Who will be responsible for mixing toilet/drainage water into Swimming Pool in newly constructed society Builder, Owner or Residence"?

Is it Owner?

Owner is/are buying flat from builder while paying high rate, while doing the false commitment by builder, you will get so and so forth. But once owner are occupying, they are facing thousand of faults and builder are denying it. For instance, toilet / drainage water going into swimming pool and clearly captured into above picture.
In addition to that:
1. Owner reported issues to builder
2. Builder not accepted
3. Owner did not test or observed in initial days
4. Owner aware about it but waiting for work done by builder

Is it Residence?

Residence are staying as Owner or Tenant, and paying high maintenance / buy cost and at the end, due to bad quality of infrastructure or construction by they are getting dirty water into swimming pool.

Is it Builder?

Builder is building small / medium / large society and due to lack of skilled resource and monitoring, even though, they are expending money but at the end of project they are getting bad quality of project.
In addition to that:
1. Architecture fault
2. Worker fault
3. Lack of monitoring
4. Intentionally avoiding

In general, for first time filling the water into swimming pool cost around $x and after that it was reported such issue. Who will responsible for such happening and again water filling / delay / bad construction, Builder, Owner or Residence?

Please provide your opinion, which will be definitely help new customer to think about, before buy flat in society where builder clam as we are providing swimming pool in brochure and charging high rate.