Static Website in AWS with Public Subnet in custom Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

In this post we are going to learn:
1. How to publish static website in AWS
2. How to create custom Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and only one public SubNet
3. How to create Amazon Key
4. How to create Security Group
5. How to create Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
6. How to install httpd and run
7. How to place simple html file in /var/www/html directory
8. Running the Website by http://IPofServer.

1. You have AWS account as free for one year or paid.
2. Windows or other PC where you can open the AWS Console
3. Internet connectivity
4. Understanding of English
5. and others

Architecture of this Solution

Logging into your AWS account.

Choose the AWS region from top right corner, in which region you want to publish your website.
I'm selecting N.Virginia
Select the VPC under Networking & Content Delivery domain.

VPC screen will appears with details about VPC.
Click on the Your VPC

Click on the Create VPC

After watching my below video you will able to run one page static website as mentioned below.

For more details see below video:

Note: this post is not design for HA, RD, and Multi AZ's support as consider for initial sharing with help of manual activity. Good to have automated with respective tools.

Note: delete all your AWS resource whatever create in above video else it will be chargeable if not in free. 

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Kalidasa vs AWS IAM User

Just watch and laugh :)